Tuesday, April 21, 2009


How to use Free View TV click here to see more detail.
How to use the rental bot...click here for more detail

Touch the red button to start the shower animation pose,touch again to switch no the shower .ignore to close the driven Menu.


-Using AUTO-REZ FAUX system
-Use [HeZ]color change and Resize Controller 2.03 for sofa,table and bed.
-Use [HeZ] script driven Multi-sit and shower poses
-Use [nautilina] shower script.
-20 Meters tall
-47 Prims all in(without kitchen dining set)
-10x30m Base/Footprint(good to fit at 512 sq.meter land)
-Virtual Reality Scene Engine and the house is surrounding by water , Master bed ,Family Hall,kitchen
and Balcony
-Controller Tinter windows,Remote control to change the
Virtual Reality image

Free Item
-Slope dance ball,FreeView TV,12 Radio channel,sex Bed, rental bot v 1.5
-open closing Blinds,sofa with 2 animation poses,glass table
with small plant ,balcony chair, blind,fireplace,
shower with animation pose and rug
-auto setup teleport system

free bonus:-
Mystik canopy 35 animation bed,
Max Kitchen Set
dinning set with pose
and free script in box.[ teleport script,
object/message giver script ,visitor list script,
so you can keep track of who enters the balcony

-Comes fully modifiable and copyable,
-Except Bed's animation and some script is not modifiable
-New, Modern Architecture
-No refunds on Copiable Items

Virtual Reality Scene Engine

Multi animation pose bed,
color change able and re-size able,
select Ignore to close the menu windows.

After rez the house, touch the bed to activate and animation loading,
after finish loading ..touch the bed,the driven menu will pop up.select your pose,sit on the
"love" pose ball....click Ignore to close the windows.

for more detail please click here

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